Compost Drop Off Program

Looking for an easy way to Compost?

Sign up for a Compost Drop off Membership

with The Humble Servants of the Worm Compost Collective!


How does it work?

  1. Sign up for a $20/month subscription for unlimited drop offs online.

  2. A $10 sign up fee will be required in store when  you pick up your first bucket.

  3. Fill up your bucket with Organic Waste. See what can be accepted into your bucket below.

  4. Drop off you filled buckets at The Mighty Bin!


What can go in your bucket?

Fruits and veggies; eggshells; bread, grains, and pasta; coffee grounds, filters, and teabags; biodegradable café items; nuts and spices;

Napkins and paper towels; laundry lint; small yard clippings; and flowers,

Meat, bones, cheese, yogurt.


Non-compostable materials NOT to be placed in the bucket include:

Plastic, rubber, or anything else that doesn’t biodegrade well including “compostable'' bioplastic utensils.


Why Compost?

  • Compost contains essential plant nutrients & soil structure that can help revive unhealthy soil, grow nutrient dense foods, and sequester large amounts of carbon.
  • Recycling organic matter diverts it from being buried in our landfills. This prevents the production of methane, a leading greenhouse gas and major contributor to climate change.


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