Compost Drop Off Program

Looking for an easy way to Compost?

The Mighty Bin has partnered with The Compost Group to set up an in-store drop off site for your buckets.


How does it work?

  1. Sign up for a membership online or at The Mighty Bin for $32/month. Pick up your empty bucket at The Mighty Bin. 

  2. Fill up your bucket with organic waste. See what can be accepted into your bucket below.

  3. Drop off you filled bucket at The Mighty Bin on your next grocery trip. Pick up a clean bucket on your way out.


What can go in your bucket?

Items purchased from The Mighty Bin that you can place in your bucket:

Loofah Sponge
Dish Brush
Bamboo Floss
Dish Cloth



What happens to your organic waste?

The waste is taken back to the composting site in San Marcos where it is carefully composted into a living soil product which can be used by farmers or gardeners interested in regenerative farming.

Why Compost?

  • Compost contains essential plant nutrients & soil structure that can help revive unhealthy soil, grow nutrient dense foods, and sequester large amounts of carbon.

  • Recycling organic matter diverts it from being buried in our landfills. This prevents the production of methane, a leading greenhouse gas and major contributor to climate change.


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