How do you label Gluten Free (GF) products?

We understand how difficult it can be for someone with a gluten-intolerance to find specific foods that meet your diet. In an effort for The Mighty Bin to be as transparent as possible about food ingredients and manufacturing processes, we have enlisted strict gluten free labeling standards.


In store Gluten Free labels:

  Processed in a facility that DOES NOT contain gluten

Processed in a facility that DOES contain gluten



In store, all scoops will only be used once and placed in a ‘dirty bin’ before they are sanitized.

*Please keep in mind, because the majority of our products are offered in bulk, we can not guarantee there will not be any cross-contamination of airborne gluten particles.


Do you offer Vegan (V) products?

Yes! The Mighty Bin is a vegetarian grocery store offering many vegan options.

In store Vegan label:


Majority of household and personal care products are made without animal products. Some items contain beeswax and will be clearly labeled.


Do you offer Organic Products?

Yes! In an effort to help transition our agriculture away from conventional farming, almost all of our food is either certified organic or known to be grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Many of our household and personal care products are made with organic ingredients.


What containers can I bring to use in-store?

You can bring in any clean container to use in store.


What if I didn’t bring enough containers?

If you need more containers, we have many options available:

  • Purchase new containers in store

  • Pick up donated, sanitized jars from our jar donation section at no cost to you

  • We offer a variety of sizes of recycled paper bags


Do you accept EBT/SNAP?

Yes! We accept Cash Benefit and EBT Food Credit in store.