Plastic Film Recycling Program

We have partnered with Plastic Beach 501(c)3 to provide a drop off location at The Mighty Bin for your hard to recycle plastic film. 

Due to Plastic Beach's non-profit standing, we ask that you make a small donation each drop off to keep the program running.

Please send donations via Zelle:


Plastic Film Recycling


Plastic Film Recycling Requirements:

  • Plastic films labeled with #2 or #4 recycling symbol (polyethylene films)

  • All plastic must be clean, dry and free of food residue

  • Paper stickers removed

  • If Plastic stretches when you pull it, it CAN be included in the bin.

*If plastic tears like paper, is shiny, or makes a crinkly sound in your hand, DO NOT include in the bin.


What happens to the Plastic Film?

Collected plastics are given a second purpose instead of being buried in a landfill. Plastics are sent to Trex to become durable, outdoor composite decking and railing that can last 20+ years.


Learn more about Plastic Beach Retail Recycling 

 What tor recycle

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What not to recycle

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