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The Compost Group

This compost is made locally in San Marcos, CA. It is made from organic waste diverted from landfill and is teeming with your garden’s microorganism allies.

Each bag contains 0.33 cubic feet of soil amendment.

Every batch of compost we produce, we analyze the microorganisms under a microscope throughout the composting process to ensure the the composting process is creating the most beneficial microorganisms.

Benefits of using compost:

*Balances Soil Density - Compost provides a living microbes to balance soil - it can loosen soil that is too tight and clump together soils that are too loose allowing plants to develop healthier roots into the soil contributing to healthier growth

*Enriches the Soil - nutrients found in compost are in organic form, meaning they are released slowly as plants require them. This increases the nutrient retention of the soil by increasing the soil’d cation exchange capacity.

*Suppresses Pests and Disease - By balancing nutrients, plants have the strength to fend off pests and diseases naturally.

*Discourages Weeds - Also by balancing nutrient levels, weeds have a harder time growing as they thrive in imbalanced soils. Also a good way to tell if you garden needs balancing!


To Use:

Soil Amendment: (Pre-season) Mix into existing soil at a 1-part compost, 2 part existing soil ratio

Compost Tea: (Mid-season) Mix 2 tablespoons into watering can and stir. Water plants with the mixture

Top dressing: (Mid-season) Add 1-2 inches of compost from drip line of plants to stem. Cover with composted mulch to prevent drying out.