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Package-free food, personal care, & household products

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Our community's health and safety is very important to us..

Package Free Food & Product

We’re eliminating plastic packaging all together by offering reusable container options:

Donated containers we sanitize

BYO containers & totes

Containers & totes for purchase in store

Buy Only What You Need

Choose how much of a product you want to buy to prevent food waste and save on costs.

Sustainable Standards

Majority of our products are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

Our criteria for the products we stock include:


Simple Ingredients

Plastic-Free Packaging

How Do I Shop at The Mighty Bin?


Bring all empty containers to the counter to be weighed.

We scan a tag for each tote/container that records the weight.


Fill up containers/totes with desired product.

You have the option to label the product name on your container.


Bring your goods to the counter for a final weigh & tag scan. Pay only for the weight of the product.

All checkout is cashless.

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