How to: Safety Razor

How to Shave with a Safety Razor

Step 1 Prep your skin with some hot water or a hot towel. If you shave in the shower, then that’s already done for you. Follow by applying your shaving soap for a good thorough coverage.

Step 2 Press the flat head of your razor against your skin and tilt to a 30° angle until one side of the blade rests against your skin. Maintain this angle; anything more will be too harsh. Then, going with the grain of your hair, just make short, feathering strokes.

While doing this, do not apply any pressure. There’s a reason safety razors feel so weighty; their own weight is designed to apply all the pressure the blade needs.

For more wrinkled, contoured areas, keep the skin as taught as possible.

How to Take Care of your Safety Razor

To get rid of soap scum: scrub with dish soap and an old toothbrush

To get rid of blood, hair, dead skin: scrub with Isopropyl Alcohol and an old toothbrush

To kill Bacteria before use: spray razor blade with Isopropyl Alcohol

To prevent rusting, keep razor out of shower